English First Executive Director Bio

Biography of Jim Boulet, Jr.

Jim Boulet, Jr. served as Executive Director of English First from 1988 - 2009.

English First was established in 1986 as a national grassroots lobbying organization and presently has over 150,000 members.  English First is determined to make English America's official language and is also involved in a broad range of language policy issues. English First is specifically opposed to bilingual ballots and mandatory bilingual education programs.

Mr. Boulet had been with English First since 1988. He testified before Congress as an expert witness on bilingual education policy in 1998. He was the author of several monographs on topics such as bilingual education, multicultural education, Puerto Rico statehood and bilingual ballots. In 1994, he organized the successful drive for the Pressler amendment, which was the first time bilingual education teachers were required to be fluent in English.

Mr. Boulet appeared on NBC's Today show, Fox Morning News, C-SPAN, CNN, FOX, CNBC, MSNBC, Geraldo, and America's Voice. He debated Congressman Jose Serrano (D-NY), Congressman Gene Greene (D-TX) and Congressman Robert Underwood (D-Guam). He also discussed language issues in broadcasts in both Canada and the Ukraine, as well as worldwide on Voice of America.

Mr. Boulet wrote for the Scripps Howard News Service, the Dallas Morning News and the Washington Times. He was interviewed by People, National Review, and VFW Magazine. In addition, he was also interviewed by the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Times, the San Juan Star and other newspapers. He has also participated in over 700 radio interviews and debates.

Mr. Boulet held a B.S. degree from Cornell University as well as an honorary doctorate from the Commonwealth Assistance Foundation's Institute of International Studies.

Jim Boulet Jr went quietly to be with the Lord on the evening of January 16, 2009. He had been battling cancer and had been hospitalized since Christmas.  English first mourns the loss of Mr. Boulet and looks forward to carrying his legacy with us as we continue our determination to make English America's official language.


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